a liquid used for repelling water and dissolving dirt and
Multi-use liquid
A long-lasting material that keeps dust, dirt, and water
Deep protection product
used for a better vision on road for your safety
Glass cleaning water:
cleaner for all surfaces that withstands up to 95
Microfiber cloth
a quick solution for tire holes without needing to detach
Tire repair foam
the kit includes: glass cleaner- strong cleaner- cleaner.
Car Care kit
a liquid that gets rid of bad smells and kills
Air Freshener
protect and strengthen car leather and keep it new as
Leather protection product:
effective and fast smudges remover.
Interior cleaner foam:
A cleaner for tires that protects them and maintains the
Tires polishing foam
Solvent for dirt, oils, and grease – high cleaning efficiency
Machine Room cleaner
a cleaner that enhances the appearance of doors and windows
Plastic care
used as a polish for minor scratches and suitable for
Surface Scratches polish
used as insulator for the car bottom and you could
Car bottom insulator