Coolite is the name of our trademark that offers a fully-integrated services and products for premium car care for individuals and vehicles.

    We introduce a wide range of services including Advanced Window Films from Coolite that work with Nanotechnology for a perfect thermal insulation that follows all the global standards.

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    Advanced Window Films:

    Coolite’s advanced window films will get you the best of both worlds as they work as the ideal solution for thermal insulation from UV/IR rays and provide your vehicle with a fashionable and smart look!

    Our service will give you the ultimate protection for you and your family against UV/ IR dangerous rays and reduce the high heat inside your car using the most advanced Nanotechnology

    Our Window films come in attractive colors with high-quality materials for a perfect Exterior look and don’t include any metal component as not to interrupt wireless signals of mobile and navigation devices!

    Protection from Ultraviolet rays
    Protection from Infrared rays
    Paint Protection Films

    With paint protection Films from Coolite no more scratches or smudges on your car, all you will just see is a spectacular Exterior car look!

    These films act as a transparent shield of the car against various and unexpected driving conditions on the road, giving it an impressive appearance at the same time.

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